Cycling sport socks are made specifically for cycling. They consist of areas made from mesh vents for better breathability and excellent moisture transfer. They are designed according to the specific needs of the foot, so they can provide optimal comfort and keep the feet dry and fresh during cycling.

Depending on the purpose (competitive, training, regenerative), we can add a specific compression rate to achieve the desired result. Cycling socks usually come in bright neon colors and are a crew type socks.

Cycling sock consist of these functional components:

  • A compression elastic that stabilizes the foot and adds compression. It can be added through the entire sock or only in certain areas
  • Vents that are usually added to the instep area for accelerated moisture-wicking.
  • Relief knitting which enforces more volume into the sock and adds 3D structure which enables better moisture transfer to the moisture-wicking areas.
  • Reinforcements made with denser knitting or thicker material are added to certain areas to minimise abrasions.
  • Synthetic materials such as polypropylene, polyamide, microfiber are used for keeping your feet dry while cycling.

Running socks share properties with cycling socks but are adapted for running. They have an additional reinforced elastic for improved grip and a different structure in the sole. Usually, we produce low-cut type of running socks.

Multi-purpose sports socks are suitable for increased physical activity use. The use of mesh inserts for targeted ventilation allows for increased sweat transpiration. To ensure universality, we use a cotton-based material.

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